Walter guzman retreat center

The Walter Guzman Healing Retreat Center currently serves as a base for healing and a cultural connection. With a central focus around traditional Native American ceremony, visitors are immediately greeted by nature, tipis, tree houses, and a sweat lodge. The Walter Guzman Retreat Center is a peaceful place for promoting self-confidence, awareness, sense of purpose as well as many other positive mental, physical and spiritual qualities.

Mission Statement
To establish and institute cultural and spiritual pathways for living, healing and organizing. The Walter Guzman Retreat Center is focused on supporting organized peace movement through an increased connectivity to the environment.
More Info/Reservations

For directions, reservations, or more information regarding access to our Walter Guzman Retreat Center, please contact our Santa Cruz office at (831) 457-8208.

To all my relations,
Having this land is beautiful. Coming here makes me feel free. Being away from the city, the noise, and the mess makes me feel good. It is important we keep places like this for our families and friends. To ground us and remind us it will all be okay. It feels good to only hear birds and nothing else. We must own places like this for ever to ground us and our children. Coming here for the first time is blissful, I felt like I was home even if I didn’t know anyone, it felt like I was having a family reunion. Take the time to enjoy the nothingness with yourself and the spirits of your ancestors around you. Breathe the air and heal.

-Allison, Oakland youth

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